He Just Wanted To Cool Down!: Bear Beats The Heat In Kiddie Pool


A bear was spotted playing with a young boy’s action figurines.

Summers can be excruciatingly difficult and an added heatwave is never a pleasant experience. Recently, the people of Connecticut, USA were faced with no other option but to spend long hours in air-conditioned rooms or swimming pools to beat the rising temperatures as a heatwave swept over the area. In such a situation, one can only imagine how difficult it must be for animals in the area to brave the weather. But thanks to a bear in Plainville, Connecticut, we know that animals, too, appreciate a swim in the pool when the mercury is rising.

In a video shared by ViralHog, the bear can be seen enjoying some fun time in the kiddie pool. Initially, sitting in one spot, the bear soon gets comfortable enough to move around in the small inflatable pool. Frolicking in the cool water, the bear is seen to be amused by the various toys that are floating in the pool. Quite taken by the various figurines, he also tries biting into one of them, in an attempt to decipher what they are. The bear was spotted by members of the household, who chose to let it relax in the pool.

In the video, the young owner of the kiddie pool seems to be more than willing to share his toys with the bear. He can be heard telling his mother, “I can’t believe bears are so huge, mom,” chuckling as the bear grabs his toys from the water. “I cannot believe there is a bear in my yard,” he adds laughing.

The mother was quoted by ViralHog as saying, ” I was outside with my son in the pool when the bear came through bushes. He just wanted to cool down during this heatwave! He even had some fun playing with action figures during his dip in a kiddie pool.”

Reacting to the video on YouTube, one user appreciated the members of the household for not driving the bear away. The user wrote, “I am glad they did not chase him off. Let the guy enjoy his time. He would have done more damage being chased away. He was clearly enjoying his time.”

Several users were left gushing over just how cute the bear looked while it was immersed in figuring out what to do with the toys in the pool. “The bears like: ‘I don’t like to complain much but could you please bring some more action figures for next time that would be great’,” one user joked.

Another comment read, “Bless that little boy for sharing his pool and toys with the bear.” “Dude, both this bear and this kid seem to be having the times of their lives and I’m so here for it! Wholesome,” another user said.

Much like this bear, in another video that went viral last year, a dog was caught on camera enjoying its time in the water. The clip showed the dog playing in a shallow pond, forcing the pet owner to reluctantly wade through water to put an end to the mischief.

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