Genius’ mum praised for washing line hack to double the amount of clothes you can fit on


It’s the simplest things that often have the most effect when it comes to saving time or making chores easier.

And one woman who came up with an ingenious hack to help washing dry faster is testament to this.

The crafty mum decided to make use of extra hangers in her wardrobe by hanging wet shirts on them and putting them up on her washing line.

It meant that she could hang out more than double the amount of washing to dry during warm weather.

And her space-saving trick has been applauded by other mums on Facebook.

Lauren Mottershed, a member of the group Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas, showed her fellow parents how using hangers could help them fit their entire family’s washing on the line, reports The Sun.

In a post, she stated: “Ran out of room on the washing line, put the shirts on hangers”, above an image of blue and white shirts stacked sideways on hangers, so they didn’t take up a large space on the line.

The post, put up on Saturday, has already gained 1,700 likes and over 300 comments from impressed members.

One said: “This is a game changer lol.”

Another added: “We deffo need to start doing this all the time”

Someone else wrote: “I think I’m gonna start doing this instead of drying then folding then hanging up. Line to wardrobe much easier.”

Meanwhile another replied: “Such a good idea! Can’t believe I’m 41 and only just discovered this”.

A third said: “Sorry but this is genius.”

Another mum had her own unique hack to add to the comments – putting radiator dryers along her fence to hang clothes up and let them dry en masse outside.

“I have a dividing fence and use radiator dryers for T shirts etc” she remarked, to which another mum replied, “Why have I not thought of this.”